The first diet tip is straight forward. Instead of eating 3 meals a day like your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents did before you, eat 5 meals a day. Then again, if you want to look like your parents, grandparents and great grandparents, then go ahead and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Why? When you eat 5 meals a day, you’ll give your body the nutrition and fuel it needs on a more consistent basis. You also won’t stuff your face during lunch and dinner.

So what would a 5 meal a day look like? Funny you should ask cause here’s what it would look like:

  1. Breakfast – two scrambled egg whites (you know the white part of the egg only, not the yellow/orange part) and whole wheat toast with organic sugar free fruit preserves (strawberry,  grape, blackberry, raspberry). Steer clear of bagels, donuts,  and men who wear masks and carry a chainsaw.
  2. Mid Morning Snack – an apple or a grapefruit. If you’re looking for excitement, don’t steer clear of men wearing masks who carry chainsaws.
  3. Lunch – have a salad with 4 oz of chicken. Fat free salad dressing is a good choice as long as it’s not loaded with sugars. Check the calories and sugar content in the nutritional facts. Don’t go crazy on the croutons and bacon bits. Remember, we see everything.
  4. Mid Afternoon Snack – don’t have an apple or a grapefruit. Choose a snack that’s 100-200 calories like a smoothie or a protein shake. Speaking of shake, don’t get the shake weights that are shown on tv, they’re creepy.
  5. Dinner – eat fish. If it says Van De Kamps or Gortons on the box, run, seriously you’ll need to run cause they’re processed and loaded with fat/carbs. Go to Whole Foods and get yourself some real fish. If there’s no whole foods near you, move to a real town. Accompany the fish with sweet potato.

Hope you enjoyed this tip, if you didn’t well that’s your choice and life is all about choices.

Till next time!


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