If there’s really one weird rule or one weird tip, it’s this: consume less calories and exert more calories. That’s it, period.

Fat is stored energy and you cannot expect to lose weight without burning off the fat.

If you went to high school, you probably ran across a few short stubby guys who had messed up ears. No they weren’t midgets, they were wrestlers. During wrestling season, most of them wrestled at specific weight classes i.e. 107 lbs, 112 lbs, 119 lbs, 127 lbs, etc. However, most of them had to lose weight do get to their weight class. To do this, they simply starved themselves and ran a lot. No calories going in, lots of calories exerted.

Here’s another example. You probably went to the beach and saw a guy who had arms larger than your thighs… and your thighs are quite large! He probably had chiseled abs and a fake tan.  Well that muscle head simply obeyed the one rule of less calories in, lots of calories out.

There is no diet pill that will make you lose 30 lbs in 1 week or lose 20 lbs in 2 days, however, you can lose 5 lbs in 2 days just by eating fiber.

It’s not going to be easy especially if you’ve eaten anything and everything you’ve wanted. However, if you just realize that fat is simply calories that need to be used, you’re on your way to losing weight.


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